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  • Amanda George

Breaking the Chains (Emergency Ukraine Appeal)

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £100 Angel grant to the Breaking the Chains - Documentaries team in support of their amazing life-saving work in Ukraine. In their own words: "What we have built as a community of supporters and incredible organisations for the animals of Ukraine is unbelievable and we continue to grow. NO living being should ever suffer in the manner of which the animals and people of Ukraine are. Our ground teams are beyond tired, working most days of 1/2 hours sleep a day and eating snacks in the move whilst undergoing often 1200 mile drives in a twenty 22 hour period only to sleep and do it again the next day! As I have told you before and will tell you again…. We WILL be here, work here and live here until the very end and there is no longer a requirement for our aid and assistance."

Absolute heroes. Find out more about them on their Facebook page @FacesOfHopeDocumentaries; or their website

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