The Sanctuary Angels fundraise for grass-roots animal rescues, UK and overseas, through our Sanctuary Programme. We raise vital funds for those who help some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet. We are proud to say that almost 100% of the money that is donated to us reaches the rescues in our Sanctuary Programme, with less than 5% being spent on essential expenses. We are all volunteers and rely entirely on donations from the public. Through astute financial management and hard work, we ensure that your money works hard for the animals. Since we set up in 2008, we have given out more than £62,000 worth of Angel grants to small animal rescues around the worldTo read more about the rescues that we have supported, please visit Sanctuary Programme and Gallery.  To find out how you can help us, please visit How can you help? 


The Sanctuary Angels also promote adoption, ethical veganism and sustainability, and cruelty-free living; we campaign against cruelty in all its forms (see Cruelty-free). Our vision is a world free from animal suffering, where all animals are free from harm and treated as individuals in their own right, who have something valuable to contribute to this planet. 


"I am a supporter of Sanctuary Angels because I know my money is going to really important, well-deserved and small animal charities around the world." 

Katy Duffy, monthly donor and supporter, London  

"A small group of people who believe that a small act of kindness can make a difference... The Sanctuary Angels offer some hope that there are, and will continue to be, people who will fight for those creatures that cannot speak out." 

Nicola Rigelsford, volunteer and supporter, Huntingdon

"The Sanctuary Angels have supported our non-profit for years and we are so grateful for their kindness and compassion. It is people like you that help make this world a better place."

Abigail Geer, Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, Spain  

"The Sanctuary Angels are such a wonderful group, fundraising in all weathers for rescues who would receive little help otherwise. They highlight small charities and rescues that can't afford to market themselves and raise awareness of animal issues globally...even helping people take the step into veganism without any judgement or criticism."

Clare Metcalf, supporter, Jarrow 

"I am very grateful for the help The Sanctuary Angels have given me. I feed over 140 cats a day in Northern Italy. I have over 100 cats here at my refuge. Without donations and help from The Sanctuary Angels, I would be truly struggling."

Sheila Rawden, Parodi's Cats, Italy

"Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary is extremely lucky to have The Sanctuary Angels' support. Without people like them, and everyone that supports them, we would not be able to continue the work we do. The Sanctuary Angels have raised vital funds for Wild Futures over the years that have gone directly to rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing homes for life for monkeys that have been rescued from the UK primate pet trade."

Sarah Hanson, Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary, Cornwall

"Can't thank Amanda and the team enough for their wonderful work to raise awareness and support the rescues at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary – truly Angels on Earth." 

Martin Morgan, Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Essex

"These guys are so generous , raising money for a whole range of sanctuaries all over the world..."

Emma-Jane Yoxall, supporter 

"The Sanctuary Angels work so hard for animals all over the world. The reasons I decided to give regularly to this charity is that you can rely on all the money you donate going to the people/animals that need it. I know all of my money is going where it is needed and I don't have to make a decision each month about where I should donate. The vision of the group is 'a world free from animal suffering'. What could possibly be better than that? Amazing charity!"

Kim Burgess, monthly donor and supporter

 "Angels in every sense of the word, The Sanctuary Angels reach out to animals across the seas. No geographical boundaries stop them reaching out to help needy animals. Right now they have made KACPAW the Sanctuary of the Month and are helping dogs in Sri Lanka through us. This is not the first time they reached out to help dogs in Sri Lanka. Over and over again they have, through KACPAW. Immensely thankful for the overwhelming care and love they have for animals. Help The Sancturay Angels to help animals please. Thank you!"

Champa Fernando, KACPAW, Sri Lanka

"The Angels are amazing. Completely genuine and transparent. They care more about animals than is possible to describe."

Jo Saxton, monthly donor and supporter

"The dedication and commitment they have week in, week out to support animal charities is amazing but more than that it's their efforts to try and educate people of the true horrors inflicted on innocent animals. I have total respect for them."

Tracey Chamberlain, supporter  

"Amazing work, never discriminates, knows ALL animals need our help xx very proud to be a part of it and help wherever I can."

Natasha Golder, volunteer and supporter

"I am so thankful that this wonderful charity exists. They may be a small team of volunteers but their impact is profound and I am humbled by their hard work and efforts to support so many animal charities around the globe. Thank you for being the light in a world which is often so dark."

Hayley Marie, vegan artist and supporter

"A wonderful concept (and group of dedicated people). The Sanctuary Angels have raised funds for us over the years and through the kind donations made by their supporters have enabled us to provide more for the residents of Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary than we would have been able to ourselves. What is especially nice is that they raise awareness of the grass-roots charities/not-for-profits (who spend their time working for the benefit of those in their care and who might not get a look in otherwise), as well as donating much needed funds for so many projects. I would say, not just for our benefit, but for all the different groups they support, that if you are thinking of making a donation, donate to The Sanctuary Angels so every penny you give will go exactly where it is most needed – the animals!"

Wenda Shehata, Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary, Sussex

"Totally dedicated, inspirational work and always reliable - it's a great pleasure to recommend TheSanctuaryAngels!" 

Jazz, supporter

"What a wonderful organisation of amazing people volunteering their resources to bring assistance to rescues and their animal residents in need of help. Thank you all so much for all you do. What you achieve for animal shelters and sanctuaries is just incredible. You are making a massive difference to so many animal's lives."

Jen Kay, Urbun Sanctuary Rabbit Rescue

"We cannot thank you enough for your kind donation which will be a fantastic help towards hay bills for our many rescued farm animals. You do an amazing job and your support is really appreciated. Thank you."

Rose Kate, Lotus Heart Sanctuary, Scotland 


"The biggest thank you to The Sanctuary Angels for an incredible donation of £425. It couldn’t have come at a better time after Baby’s lifesaving emergency surgery yesterday. You and your supporters really are angels 😇😇 making all the difference to small grassroots rescues like ourselves. We and our dogs are so very grateful 💗x"

Dogs 4 Rescue, Manchester

"Gosh thank you SO much! I’m so blown away by what The Sanctuary Angels do! I honestly can’t thank you enough! You do an amazing job and small sanctuaries like mine appreciate it SO much! I can’t even begin to explain! And as a fellow vegan, it means even more because I know the heart behind why you do it. So thank you, from me and from the animals! ❤️"

Natalie Spencer, Kingfisher Wildlife & Exotics Sanctuary, Cambridgeshire