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The Sanctuary Angels promote the humane treatment of all animals through veganism, adoption and cruelty-free living. We  are opposed to the exploitation of animals for any purpose. The Sanctuary Angels believe we can heal some of the wrongs done to animals in two powerful ways: by promoting positive change through education and leading by example; and by raising vital funds for those who rescue and care for vulnerable animals around the world through our Sanctuary Programme. ​

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A vegan lifestyle prevents a huge amount of animal slaughter and suffering, and removing animal products from our diets helps to create a kinder world for all beings. Veganism also offers a really powerful way to shrink our environmental footprint and to do our bit to fight the effects of climate change. And, finally, a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest levels of fitness, while lowering our risk of a variety of chronic diseases. 

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Vegan Lifestyle
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Adopting an animal – rather than buying from a breeder – saves lives. Animal breeders create animals – often over-bred and unhealthy – when there are already more unwanted animals than rescuers can help. Animals are languishing in shelters, and rescue facilities face increasingly desperate times. Add to this situation people who allow their companion animals to breed, or who surrender them to rescue centres or – worse – dump them, and we have a huge, heartbreaking problem on our hands. Giving a rescued animal a second chance is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference; it saves lives, and it is the best feeling in the world!

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Cruelty-free living  is getting easier all the time. It is now really simple to buy products (household and cosmetic) that have not been tested on animals and which are also vegan. Just be sure to check the labelling when you are shopping. Millions of animals are also used in scientific research each year, being subjected to terrible suffering and cruelty. But it is possible to support pioneering non-animal research. Make sure your donations are always funding humane, relevant, cruelty-free research and always shop with kindness.

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