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  • Amanda George

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, Wales

Thanks to our wonderful donors and supporters, THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to a horse, pony and animal sanctuary in Wales, Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, which is in urgent need of support. " home to 76 horses, approximately 150 sheep, 5 cows, a donkey, 25 cats and 7 dogs. Every animal is a rescue. They have come to us after being abandoned (we have a particular local problem of unwanted horses being left on local common land), after being in RTAs, the bereavement of their owners, some rescued even on the verge of being slaughtered or PTS for non-medical reasons. Woodfield does not turn an animal away, we have taken blind and disabled lambs who are living fulfilling lives with us. Most of the animals remain in our direct care: on occasion they are fostered out, with the Sanctuary retaining the right to take the animals back if necessary." Woodfield, like so many other rescues, is being battered by the cost of living crisis. Melanie, who volunteers at Woodfield, told us that the "money will go to pay our vet bills. With so many animals, plus those who are elderly, these bills are very high".

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