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  • Amanda George

Urbun Sanctuary Rabbit Rescue, Manchester

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

URBUN SANCTUARY RABBIT RESCUE, in Cheshire, is a small, vegan, home-run sanctuary for unwanted, abused, unadoptable and abandoned rabbits in Cheshire. Most of the bunnies at Urbun cannot be rehomed because of the physical and mental scars from their past, but they have a forever home at the sanctuary. Urbun's mission statement is to provide "a sanctuary for unwanted and abused rescued rabbits in need. To provide a safe retreat, restore health and trust, and promote welfare and kind forever homes."

Facebook: @urbuns

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Urbun Sanctuary Rabbit Rescue following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS, SUMMER 2020. Jen, who runs Urbuns, had this to say: "A very special thank you to The Sanctuary Angels for choosing our rescue to receive funds to benefit the buns from your summer fundraiser! We are honoured, and very grateful to everyone involved for your kindness; you make an incredible difference. The Sanctuary Angels work so hard to raise money for rescue animals in need, with amazing results. £300 was donated to help our rescued rabbits with their care and costs."

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