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  • Amanda George

Helping animals in Cozumel, Mexico

We were recently asked for help by animal advocate Claire Angel, who is travelling (again) to Cozumel (Mexico) to help as many animals as she can. We sent Claire a £400 Angel Grant, and she told us she would be using the money 'to buy some medicines to take out there; they are desperate for wormers, flea treatment, bandages, vet wrap etc. The rest of the money I will transfer to the Cozumel Animal Sanctuary. This is run by Liliana and her daughter. I met them 10 years ago when I went out there with the previous fundraiser. They are the only place on the island as far as I know which helps the animals. They find horses tied up in the jungle, dogs dumped by the side of the road, kittens, all sorts of things, I think they even have a pig and birds right now. You can read more about it on their website here:'

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