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  • Amanda George

Idlewild Animal Sanctuary, Wales

We sent a £400 Angel Grant to vegan animal rescue Idlewild Animal Sanctuary in Wales, following a request for help a few months ago. Idlewild is a registered charity that provides care to a variety of animals through a rescue, rehabilitation, release and rehoming service, in addition to providing a safe haven for animals that need lifelong care. They also provide a therapeutic and educational resource, and, through their work with people, they promote health, wellbeing and mindfulness for living a kind and cruelty-free life. Jon, Trustee of Idlewild, told us this: 'Many thanks again for all your help, it is so much appreciated not only by the trustees, staff and volunteers but also (and more importantly) by the animals!!'

You can find out more about Idlewild's wonderful work for animals and humans on their website and their Facebook page Idlewild Animal Sanctuary.

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