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Shelter Ugolyok, Uraine (Emergency Ukraine Appeal)

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated to The Sanctuary Angels' Emergency Appeal for Ukrainian Animals. With your help, THE SANCTUARY ANGELS have sent their fifth £300 Angel grant to Ukraine, to Shelter Ugolyok.

We will let Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary, Ukraine tell you more about what they are doing. This post went out with their original fundraiser: "It has never been easy in Ukraine. Poor economy, war on the east of our country for more than eight years, but all got used to difficulties. As for our mission, we never stopped fighting for animals because for them it is even more difficult to survive than for humans. I never refused to help and always searched the way for our mission to survive and keep on going. I always prayed for a better future for the whole world! I think that no one really wants the war, not our country, not any other, but ambitions of some people makes the war obvious as never before and threaten the whole territory of our country. All people are terrified. But we cannot allow panic to rule our mind and our actions. On our shoulders is a great responsibility – safety of our animals! I personally try not to panic, following the news and highly hoping into negotiations, I really pray that peaceful way is possible and hopefully will be found I am asking the world community to help us to make some necessary additional food supplies and some additional safe measures to be built in order to protect our animals. Please help us in this very difficult times! THANK YOU SO MUCH! PLEASE HELP AND SHARE " And this is from two days ago: "Hello world! Times are pretty difficult for all! Shortage of all kind of supplies for people and animals. For sanctuaries we are buying out everything we can already on the triple price . Also, we started to help locals who have no funds to buy food or medications. Also we stared to support local orphanages that ran out of food and meds. Today sent them first funds. They promised to send photos of food supplies. I hope world community do not mind us to help not only animals? Thank you for all kindest help !!! PS, all what we managed to do will be posted"

You can find out more about Shelter Ugolyok here:

Please note that their Facebook page is not as up to date as their Instagram account. There are links to all their pages in the link above. Thank you for caring.

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