• Amanda George

Save a Stray, Sheffield

The mission of SAVE A STRAY, in Sheffield, is to try to reduce the number of local strays and feral cats having to live on the streets and in the wild. They neuter as many of these cats as possible, their aim being to enhance the life of every cat they encounter. Many have been born in the wild as a consequence of poor animal ownership or find themselves struggling through abandonment or neglect.

Their aims are:

  • To trap and neuter stray and feral cats to control breeding,.

  • To socialise and re-home as many cats as possible.

  • To provide information to enable the public to help strays in the area.

  • To flea/worm all cats they come into contact with.

  • To promote the benefits of neutering and good ownership.

Whist in their foster care they provide food, cat litter and any veterinary treatment and are grateful for any help to make this possible to enable them to go out and rescue more animals. They are a small volunteer-run organisation based in Sheffield/Barnsley and any donations are welcome in the form of food, litter, money, toys, rabbit hutches to provide shelter for the ones that can not be rehomed.

Facebook: @saveastray.feral

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS are raising funds for Save a Stray as part of their Winter Sanctuary Programme 2020.



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