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Raluca's Romanian Cat Rescue Shelter

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

RALUCA'S ROMANIAN CAT RESCUE SHELTER is run by Raluca Done, a teacher living in Braila, Romania. As a child, Raluca felt deep love and compassion for animals and, over time, became involved in the rescue, adoption and care of animals. Alone, she has cared for 90 cats and 4 dogs that she has rescued. As Raluca has a young baby, she currently has some help from her mother, who has heart problems. All the animals need food, de-worming, flea treatmens, vitamins, blankets and veterinary care.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were able to send Raluca £125 following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS, SUMMER 2020, which paid for supplements for the elderly cats. Raluca said: "Good morning, Amanda! With much LOVE and GRATITUDE from us, a SINCERE and HEARTFELT thank you so much! I received the money! 🥰😘😻😽😻 Believe me, I can't express in words all the joy and satisfaction i feel! God bless you and your loved ones!😻😽💗💓🐈🐈💐🌹🌺x"

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