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New Haven Project / Vegan Organic

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

NEW HAVEN PROJECT / VEGAN ORGANIC is all about organic permaculture, forest gardening, a wildlife haven and a safe place for a growing family of rescued animals. New Haven funds all of this by making beautiful homemade palm-oil-free soaps, natural cosmetics and eco soy wax candles. Tracey and her family have purchased 7 acres of land in Carmarthenshire for their expanding rescue family. Work on the land is ongoing, expanding to take in more animals, and they are building their not-for-profit business to pay for vet bills, farrier and feed.

Facebook: New Haven Project / Vegan Organic


THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent New Haven £125 towards their goat fencing appeal (in return for a few vegan goodies for our supporters). Tracey said: "Clove would like to say a massive thank you, on behalf of all the animals, to The Sanctuary Angels for their donation to our goat enclosure appeal. It really was a lovely surprise this morning, thank you."

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