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  • Amanda George

KACPAW, Sri Lanka

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to KACPAW (the Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare), a non-profit-making, registered NGO, formally established in January 1999, having started work on caring for destitute dogs in November 1998. KACPAW sterilises, vaccinates and treats both owned and stray dogs (and cats) at field clinics in Sri Lanka. The Sanctuary Angels responded to an appeal for help with the repair of broken and corroded dog beds at Getambe Vet Hospital, where KACPAW has been warding sick and recovering street/community dogs since 2014. Once the beds are repaired, they will be last for several more years. You can see pictures of the beds before and after repair above.

This is what Champa Fernando, the heart and soul behind all that KACPAW does, had to say: "What an Angelic generous act again! This would sail us through recovery of this bed repair expense...and will leave some for the one featured here [see photo above]. This baby, who is an an owned dog with an utterly neglected wound in the paw, which makes him immobile, was dumped into a river. Area youth saved him from drowning, showed him to the Vet and put an e-collar, kept him safe, and called me for help. How can I say no? So, he is safe with me and is being treated. If the paw, which makes him unable to walk, cannot be cured, the leg might have to be amputated. So, "Angels", your donation is so welcome. His eyes tell me much Amanda, making me cry!"

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