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  • Amanda George

KACPAW, Sri Lanka

At the beginning of August THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to one of our long-time favourite rescues, KACPAW, in Sri Lanka, run by Champa Fernando. KACPAW works towards rabies eradication through humanely controlling dog populations, which means they prioritise dog sterilisations. Since 1998 they have sterilised around 1,000 dogs per year. They offer free sterilisations to any dog/cat owner and conduct regular spay clinics at which they sterilise both community and ownerless dogs.

This is what Champa had to say about her Angel grant: "This is the amazing support KACPAW gets for dogs/cats in Sri Lanka for their welfare. Our supporters have been with us for so long. KACPAW initiated its animal welfare in late 1998 and we have had amazing support from our supporters from across many countries from the inception. Thank you Amanda George and Sanctuary Angels!"

You can read more about Champa's work on KACPAW's Facebook page @kacpawsrilanka and website

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