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KACPAW, Sri Lanka

Updated: May 2, 2020

THE KANDY ASSOCIATION FOR COMMUNITY PROTECTION THROUGH ANIMAL WELFARE (KACPAW) is an animal welfare organisation committed to the well-being of street dogs and puppies in Sri Lanka.

• Through spaying and neutering, they help to keep the unwanted dog population to a minimum.

• 100 unsterilised dogs can give rise to around 3,000 dogs in a year.

• Since 1998 KACPAW has sterilised, on average, 1,000 dogs per year.

• They rescue abandoned dogs, treat them for injuries, skin diseases and venereal tumours, and other sicknesses, and find homes for adoption.

• The dogs they put up for adoption are sterilised, de-wormed, vaccinated against rabies and treated for any skin ailments if necessary, and they are given a supply of vitamins and minerals with follow-up vaccinations against parvo and distemper.

• This life-saving work is carried out by a dedicated group of volunteers, led by the amazing animal advocate Champa Fernando.

Facebook: @kacpawsrilanka Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to KACPAW at the beginning of May following an Emergency Appeal for Animals 2020.

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