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  • Amanda George

Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue

HUNGARY HEARTS DOG RESCUE is a small UK non-profit registered charity founded by Hilda Z. Barabas. "We find loving homes for abandoned and neglected animals found on the streets or in killing stations. In Hungary, dogs aren't kept as pets but left to live outside, often attached to chains. The average life of a street dog is twi years, and the average time a dog stays in a killing station before being bludgeoned to death or shot is 3–6 months. Rescue shelters in Hungary are nothing like our UK shelters, they are basic structures, dogs are exposed to extreme weather conditions and aren't walked. They are run by individuals who are poverty stricken and don't have enough resources to feed the dogs regularly. In 2016, we saved and rehomed 510 dogs in forever homes and we will continue to rescue as many as we can with your on-going support and kindness."

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were able to send £300 to Hungary Hearts in December as part of their Winter Appeal for Animals 2020. They had this to say: "Good afternoon, I work for Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue and I just wanted to share the two dogs we rescued using your generous donation! This is Lora and Picur. They were in kill shelters in Hungary and they are now safe and sound with our family in Hungary preparing to travel to the UK to new homes! Thank you so much for your support; it means the world to us and everything to these two little lives."

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