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  • Amanda George

Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norfolk

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

HILLSIDE ANIMAL SANCTUARY, in Norfolk, is home to 2,500 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys, 650 rescued cows, 550 sheep and goats, 300 pigs and lots of other animals. It is a safe haven for more than 4,000 animals, who can live out the rest of their natural lives in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the sanctuary. Hillside also campaigns for animals and carries out investigations into cruelty cases.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in April as part of their Spring Appeal 2021. "We are very grateful for your donation of £300 and wanted to send this thank you, not only from us, but on behalf of our rescued animals. Your support helps toward their feed and care and also the important campaigning work we do to help animals in need."

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