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  • Amanda George

Hill Pony Resources, Dartmoor

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Hill Pony Resources (Dartmoor) as part of their Winter Appeal. This is what Mary had to say about her grant: "We set up Hill Pony Resources in 2014 to find homes for a few foals from Dartmoor who were at risk of being PTS. Since then we have found homes for over 100 ponies, helped ponies whose owners could no longer keep them, as well as ponies who had behavioural problems. We arranged castration clinics for colts who could return to the moor and help reduce the breeding. If possible we try to find good homes for the ponies, and part of our adoption agreement means ponies cannot be sold on if their owner can no longer care for them. As ponies can live for 30 years, we will ensure we are always there should they need us again, and we can only do this by continuing to fundraise. We are very grateful for this donation from The Sanctuary Angels for this grant...they do fabulous work helping charities so please follow on Facebook and help them if you can. This is amazing, thank you so much!! The money will go directly to helping to care for the ponies currently with us...with the cost of living crisis affecting our fundraising, this will help to keep us going. The photo is of Stumpy, who returned to us recently and is now in a new home "

You can find out more about the work of Hill Pony Resources on their Facebook page (Hill Pony Resources) or their website (

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