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  • Amanda George

Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary, Ireland

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent their first £300 Angel grant to Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary, a lovely sanctuary in Ireland whose work is new to us. They were nominated for a grant by one of our/their supporters. We were delighted to support the work of this grass-roots vegan sanctuary, which describes itself as a: "Vegan organic farm sanctuary caring for cows, sheep, ponies, cats and dogs, and the planet."

This is what they had to say about their Angel grant: "Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your message(s) and the fantastic news! ... Hugely appreciated, and very much needed, as things are very tough these days... Thank you so much again, for the support, and for your fantastic work in general. Totally thrilled, good news are so rare these days! Thank you!"

To find out more about Heartstone's life-saving work, you can visit their Facebook page: Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary.

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