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  • Amanda George

Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Nottingham

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Halfway Home Dog Rescue, in Nottingham (Website:, as part of their Spring Sanctuary Programme. Their mission statement is: "Halfway Home Dog Rescue is committed to and believes that we are morally responsible to assist in and/or rescue homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals, to be a voice for the voiceless." Most of their dogs are strays or rescued from puppy farms or crisis situations in the pounds. In their words: "We are there for these dogs when they have no-one else. We at Halfway Home believe that dogs are sentient beings, capable of feeling 'human' emotions such as fear, pain, joy, love and sorrow. Dogs provide their human companions with unconditional love and absolute loyalty and deserve to be treated as members of the family." Their Angel grant will be used to help pay for new and secure fencing to keep all the rescue doggies safe from harm.

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