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  • Amanda George

Goatacre Animal Sanctuary, UK

GOATACRE ANIMAL SANCTUARY is a small sanctuary, rescuing animals and giving them a safe, forever home. They welcome visits from families of all ages, schools and groups! Goatacre farm offers children and their families early learning experiences in its unique village setting. They endeavour to encourage and inspire children to learn and flourish through play and exploration. Sensory areas, role play, arts and crafts, team building and messy play are just some of the exciting activities that will be on offer, not forgetting meeting their friendly animals, who are always waiting for a cuddle!!

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Goatacre as part of their Summer Appeal 2021. This is what Emma and David had to say: "Wow that’s absolutely amazing, thank you! I’m not sure if you know about Charlotte our diabetic pig? His meds/needles and diet cost us around £200–300 a month, so that would be lovely to raise that money for him."

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Aug 03, 2021


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