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Footprints Animal Sanctuary, Staffordshire

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

FOOTPRINTS ANIMAL SANCTUARY, STAFFORDSHIRE: "We are a group of people based in Staffordshire aiming to provide rehabilitation, adoption or sanctuary to farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect. We offer sanctuary to animals that have come from various situations, but our primary focus is on animals that have come from the factory farming industry, as there is often a misconception of the intelligence and worth of these animals."

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent Footprints £300 following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR FUNDS, SUMMER 2020. Footprints said: "Thank you so much; we really appreciate your support. You guys are awesome, this will go towards our £500 bill for a new goat house. I'll get you a pic [see below] of the goats in their new house."

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