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  • Amanda George

Farplace Animal Rescue, County Durham

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

FARPLACE ANIMAL RESCUE, in Weardale, County Durham, is a no-kill animal rescue centre in the UK helping animals who are sick or injured and need help. Farplace is a registered charity with an animal care team of three full-time staff, extensive vet costs, land purchase of woodland and fields that are used for both wildlife habitat creation and horse rescue. They have stables and a wildlife experience zone for the public footpath that crosses their land, with a bird hide and a range of different habitats. They also have the first feral cat hospice in the UK for feral cats with FIV.

Facebook: @farplace Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Farplace Animal Rescue as part of their Winter Appeal 2020: "Thank you so much. We are taking in three elderly fell ponies next week whose owner is struggling with dementia so this will be very very welcome."

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