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  • Amanda George

Ezio's Rescue, Bosnia

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were excited to send their first £300 Angel grant to Ezio's Rescue in Bosnia. Rusmira lives in Tuzla, Bosnia, and has always had a passion for helping animals; when she was still at school she would bring home animals in need and pay for them out of her pocket money. Rusmira can now help more animals in her area through the kind donations received from friends and rehoming through the Internet and social media.

The situation for animals in Bosnia is not great; there are very few welfare laws and many animals suffer a great deal on the streets unless kind individuals step up to help them.

Rusmira has many cats and dogs in her care at any one time and has successfully adopted animals all over Europe into wonderful new homes. Apparently the £300 Angel grant will buy much-needed food for the animals.

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