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  • Amanda George

Dobra Nada/Good Hope, Serbia

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Dobra Nada/Good Hope in Serbia (Facebook: Dobra Nada/Good Hope). This is what they had to say: "In the last year we have been working so hard to keep the shelter going. While he was alive, Laslo financed 90% of our costs ... We have met a lot of people in the past year who have come to our aid , and we are so incredibly grateful for them. However, the struggle never ends and our efforts to have enough food for paws and money for basic expenses continues in every new month. What we managed to do in the last 14 months is to happily rehome 20 dogs. We are grateful for that, seeing that it is mostly middle-aged dogs and, as you know, people are more keen to adopt puppies. We plan to continue rehoming dogs, because this is our only chance to keep the shelter afloat .... and after over 20 years in rescue, Snezana is exhausted."

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