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  • Amanda George

Coppershell Farm Sanctuary, Wiltshire

Based in Wiltshire, UK, COPPERSHELL FARM SANCTUARY is now home to over 130 residents across 62 acres of farmland. "Our residents come from different backgrounds and have extremely different personalities, but one thing they all had in common – they needed help." They provide shelter, care and attention for abandoned, neglected or unwanted animals and help them find a loving, permanent home. Their vision: "To live in a world that understands animals are sentient beings to be treated with kindness and respect."

With the help of one of our monthly donors, who wrote out a generous cheque for Coppershell, we were able to round this up and send them £300, as part of our Winter Appeal 2020. They said: "This has made my day. It's been an awful one and I've said goodbye to two residents and shed lots of tears. Thank you so much, you amazing people xxxx"

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