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Care for Cretan Cats, Greece

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

CARE FOR CRETAN CATS, GREECE: In a remote farming village in the far east of Crete island, Greece, Rowenna Denhill works alone to help many homeless cats with neutering, veterinary help when injured or seriously ill, feeding, and whatever else is needed. Rowenna says: "The wonderful, generous support of friends has improved the cats' lives beyond measure in this place of few resources and huge needs. Thank you all!"

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent Care for Cretan Cats £300 following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS SUMMER 2020. Rowena had this to say: "Dear Amanda and Sanctuary Angels. My heartfelt thanks for the enormous donation of €310.47 just received from your recent fundraiser! I was expecting much, much less, and am delighted you did so well that extra animals can be helped. I'm moved by your generous inclusion of me in the fundraiser, too. The money will be used to pay vet bills and buy food and medicines for the approx. 150 cats I help here. With winter coming on soon, it will be a great boon! You truly are Sanctuary Angels. Love and strength to you."

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