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  • Amanda George

Care for Cretan Cats

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £400 Angel Grant to Care for Cretan Cats in December 2023. This is what Rowenna, who runs CCC, had to say:

""Care for Cretan Cats is absolutely delighted by the kind and generous support of an Angel Grant from The Sanctuary Angels. In these hard times, it's challenging to find funding for our work of neutering, feeding, caring and getting vet help when needed for about 150 community cats in our village and environs. Your timely donation will bring much relief over winter, when the cats need most help. My heartfelt THANKS to The Sanctuary Angels and their donors for their very generous grant for the cats! I first followed this small group some time ago, and since then they've grown in strength and increased their grants, but they still specialize in supporting the small, independent animal helpers not usually eligible for funding from larger organizations. They give where help is most needed. The funds will be used for vet bills and food. I could not be more grateful to them all."

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