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Care for Cretan Cats

The Sanctuary Angels sent a £300 Angel grant to Care for Cretan Cats, run by Rowenna Denilll, which runs an active TNR programme and works to improve the lives of cats in Crete. This is what Rowenna had to say about her grant:

"I have many THANK YOUs to write but tonight's is to the Sanctuary Angels, Amanda's group, who do such sterling work for needy animals. They have really brightened my festive season with a kind and very generous donation of £300 for the cats' care! Some of this must go for neutering and vet bills but most will buy the vital food which keeps the puss cats healthy and fit to withstand winter weather, which can be challenging in our windy corner of the island. I couldn't be more grateful to the caring members of the Sanctuary Angels, and to Amanda, for their wonderful help. Merry Christmas to you all!"

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