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  • Amanda George

Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care

In early March 2023 THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Tara Livermore and her crew at Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care / CWC is a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Ely and the surrounding area;

it is an independent organisation run by Tara and a small team of volunteers. The charity is supported by two local veterinary surgeries, and it cares for orphaned, injured, ill and abandoned animals, with the aim of returning them to the wild. "Our vision is that every wild animal in need of assistance in Cambridgeshire is given the specialist care and support it needs to ensure the best chance of survival and release back to the wild."

This is what Tara had to say about her grant: "Thank you so much to you and all the wonderful angels. We're really grateful for your support. It's the start of one of our busiest seasons and, especially with costs rising everywhere, this will be a huge help towards caring for all the new arrivals."

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