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  • Amanda George

Arty's Angels (amazing sheep and cow rescue mission)

In October/November 2023 THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were proud to be part of an amazing rescue mission masterminded by Cherrie of Arty's Angels. With the help of a team of small rescues, Cherrie McCarron was able to secure the lives of 250 sheep, 16 cows and 1 sheepdog called Skye. All of the animals were saved from slaughter, thanks to this incredible group of people. We were delighted to send a £400 Angel Grant to help with some of the costs. This grant (and the one sent at the same time to Hugletts, who took in three of the rescued lambs) really sums up what The Sanctuary Angels are about: campaigning for the right of these animals to live; and fundraising for animal rescue. The two cannot be separated.

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