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  • Amanda George

Alex Maestro, Ukraine

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were excited to send a £300 Angel grant to Alex Maestro in Ukraine, a wonderful young man who is – and has been for several years – doing amazing work with animals in Ukraine. This gives you an idea of what he is dealing with: "... I help other people who help animals, including military units, industrial areas, elderly people who unfortunately don't have money, volunteers who take help to other cities where there is shelling and many more has private situations I’m not perfect but I’m definitely trying my best The number of animals is growing, new ones are being hatched... I will sterilize, I need more, the car does not allow me to transport many animals at once and I have to catch them myself To date, I have about 100 dogs on industrial territories and other parts of the streets A shelter with cats has about 40 tails."

We were thrilled to hear that Alex had been able to buy his first doggy house (pictured above), with the help of our Angel grant, funded by our wonderful supporters: "Friends, here comes the first dog house. Thanks to each of you who helps, we will continue to build. There are many plans and many houses need to be built! Thanks to everyone who participates and helps. Moving in was a success! Finally, these dogs live warm, not out in the open air in the cold and rain. This makes me very happy. Thanks to everyone who helps and cares for homeless animals at a distance."

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