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  • Amanda George

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Essex

TOWER HILL STABLES provides a forever home for over 500 rescued animals, both domestic and ex-farm. The Sanctuary was founded in 1993 by Fiona Oakes, who cares for all the animals in Essex with Martin, her partner. Fiona is a retained fire fighter and Martin recently retired from working in financial services. The Sanctuary cares for over 90 horses, 35 cows, 85 sheep, 130 pigs, 13 dogs and 6 cats, together with hundreds of chickens, cockerels, turkeys, geese, swans and smaller animals. Fiona is also an elite vegan marathon runner, who promotes veganism and the Sanctuary through her running.

Facebook: @towerhillstables Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £450 to Tower Hill Stables from their Summer Campaign 2019.

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