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  • Amanda George

Cihangir Cool for Cats, Turkey

CIHANGIR COOL FOR CATS, a volunteer group actively working to help and save street animals around Istanbul and other cities, under the leadership of British expat Hilary Sable, has rescued thousands of animals in need. ‘Doing our best for the animals and people are essentially the same thing,' says Hilary. Cihangir Cool for Cats has a member network of more than 5,000 people, including both locals and expats. They have neutered and spayed countless cats and have also rescued and relocated thousands of felines to new homes. 'We [find homes] and send animals to Germany, Finland, the UK and the US,' Hilary said. Cihangir Cool for Cats has also taken an active role in rescuing animals from Syria's war zone. In a country where war has spared no one – even animals – the group rescues cats and treats them for wounds inflicted by bombings and rescues animals abandoned by families fleeing the conflict in Syria.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £425 to CCFC from their Spring Campaign 2019, and a £25 bonus at the end of their Summer Campaign 2019.

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