• Amanda George

Dogs 4 Rescue, Manchester

DOGS 4 RESCUE is a small, independent dog sanctuary in Manchester, which has developed a unique 'cage-free' approach to animal welfare to ensure the dogs in its care are socialised in a healthy, relaxed and happy foster home environment while waiting for their forever families. Their aim is to challenge the perception many people hold towards rescue dogs, as well as to save as many dogs as possible. Dogs 4 Rescue rescues the most desperate cases from all over the world. They take all shapes and sizes, breeds and crosses, able and not.

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THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £425 to Dogs 4 Rescue from their Spring Campaign 2019, and an additional £25 at the end of their Summer Campaign 2019.



  • Fundraise for animals worldwide

  • Campaign against animal cruelty

  • Promote adoption, veganism and a kinder world