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  • Amanda George

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, Spain

MINO VALLEY FARM SANCTUARY is a non-profit safe haven for around 200 rescued farm animals, currently set on 15 peaceful acres in the Galician valleys of Northern Spain. Abigail and Mike have recently run a successful fundraiser (because the land the sanctuary sits on was put up for sale, putting the future of their rescued animals at risk); with the money raised by their supporters they will now be able to purchase the land they currently rent, including 50 more acres of magical forests, peaceful streams and beautiful wild meadows that the animals can call their own forever. By creating a loving, nurturing and caring environment, Mino Valley offers a second chance at life for animals that are the victims of exploitation. They strive to rescue, rehabilitate and protect farm animals from cruelty and neglect, inspire change in the way society views and treats animals, and advocate a compassionate vegan lifestyle. Animals are feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect. Just like you and me, animals have the moral right to live free from fear and suffering.

Facebook: @Minvalleyfarmsanctuary Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £250 to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in April 2018.

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