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Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Animal Aid Unlimited, India

ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED is a life-changing place for both people and animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Founded in 2002, AAU's mission is to rescue and treat the un-owned street animals of Udaipur who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue to inspire a community to protect and defend the lives of all animals. AAU's ultimate goal is the equality and protection of all animals and a complete end to the use and abuse of animals. They are working for the day that every dog, donkey, cow, pig, fish and mouse can live their lives in freedom. Animal Aid’s mission is both to bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people.

Facebook: @AnimalAidUnlimited Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £250 to Animal Aid Unlimited in March 2018.

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