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  • Amanda George

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Essex

TOWER HILL STABLES provides a forever home for over 450 rescued animals, both domestic and ex-farm. Founded in 1993 by Fiona Oakes, Fiona cares for all the animals across five locations in Essex, with the help of her partner, Martin, when he is not at work. The sanctuary is not run as a business and not what Fiona does for a living – she is a retained fire-fighter and her partner works in financial services. The sanctuary cares for over 70 horses, 19 cows, 45 sheep, 100 pigs, 10 dogs and 10 cats, together with hundreds of chickens, cockerels, turkeys, geese, swans and smaller animals.

Facebook: @towerhillstables Website:

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £250 to Tower Hill Stables in February 2018.

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