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  • Amanda George

Saving Suffering Strays, Sarajevo

MILENA MALESEVIC has been rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Sarajevo for more than thirty years. During the war in Bosnia many people could no longer care for their pets and as a result many dogs ended up on the streets. Since then Milena has been working tirelessly to rescue the most vunerable dogs and give them the love and care that they need. Milena works 24 hours a day rescuing as many dogs as she can, and she continues to feed the stray dogs that still live on the streets of Sarajevo.

Since SAVING SUFFERING STRAYS SARAJEVO was set up over five years ago, more than 550 dogs have found their forever homes. Our volunteers work across Europe assisting Milena in her vital work rescuing and rehoming the street dogs of Sarajevo. We organise fundraisers, find adopters and fosterers and promote Milena's work through social media with one goal in mind: to help save the lives of stray dogs, so that Milena can continue her vital work and rescue more dogs from a life of pain and misery on the streets of Sarajevo.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £500 to Saving Suffering Strays in December 2017.

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