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  • Amanda George

APAM, Romania

APAM animal sanctuary rescues, cares for and rehomes the victims of animal abuse in Romania. APAM is a non-profit organisation, a sanctuary where dogs and cats find shelter, whether they are old, blind, epileptic or have other problems that make them harder to adopt. They are continuously developing spay/neuter campaigns for dogs and cats that have an owner, so that they will not be abandoned. Their campaigns involve prevention, education of the owners and health issues that can easily be avoided with a little knowledge. APAM are also constantly running adoption campaigns for dogs and cats, in an attempt to find wonderful families for the animals they save. Importantly, they often get involved in children's education, with the help of the saved animals. The APAM team want a better world for us and our children and a good life for the animals that can’t defend themselves.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to APAM in October 2017.

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