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  • Amanda George

KACPAW, Sri Lanka

KACPAW is a non-profit-making, registered NGO, formally established in January 1999. KACPAW’s vision is to eradicate rabies from Sri Lanka using humane methods and its mission is to ensure dog welfare primarily through the sterilisation (spay/neuter) of dogs, both owned and stray/community dogs. Since 1999 KACPAW has spayed/neutered over 20,000 dogs. In addition, they treat mostly stray/community dogs for mange and other illnesses, close to 1,000+ each year. They also rescue stray/abandoned dogs who have horrific injuries or are neglected and left to die.

Website: Facebook: @kacpawsrilanka

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to KACPAW in September 2017.

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