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  • Amanda George

Uli Sharbinie (KOPAS), Malaysia

The first £300 SUMMER2023 Angel grant was sent out in early May, in response to an appeal for help with a mum cat and her newborns from Uli Sharbinie (of KOPAS, Malaysia). We were delighted to hear that there would be some money left to make some structural improvements to the shelter. This is what Uli had to say about his grant:

"Dear Amanda... If I may request I'd like to use a small part of it [£300 Angel grant] to make a metal door inside the shelter. The shelter does not have any indoor door where I can get inside to feed the kitties or other things. The only door is the outside one, which make it difficult to get inside the shelter and even dangerous when thunder comes. Thank you. Please send my best regard to the rest of wonderful people at The Sanctuary Angels."

You can follow KOPAS on Facebook here: KOPAS / Community for Nature and Animal Care

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