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  • Amanda George

Trikala Animal Welfare Society, Northern Greece

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

TRIKALA ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY is a non-profit, no-kill dog and animal rescue. Serving Trikala (Northern Greece) and the surrounding areas, and run solely by unpaid volunteers, Trikala rescues dogs left homeless and on the streets. Those they cannot find room for in the shelter are fed daily and receive veterinary care when needed. They place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption process. Trikala assists dogs in distress without regard to age, breed or ease of placement. Those they consider not adoptable, for whatever reason, stay in the shelter for the rest of their lives. Animals in their care are spayed or neutered, to the extent that finances allow. Dogs in the greatest need take priority, receiving all the appropriate veterinary care and treatment. Spaying and neutering the dogs outside the shelter is the priority, as they are free-roaming and produce many litters each year. Trikala relies solely on donations, which they strive to make go as far as possible. Every penny goes to the animals in their care and on the streets.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Trikala following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS, SUMMER 2020. They had this to say: "Hi Amanda, how wonderful for you to do this for so many of the struggling rescues. We can't thank you enough for thinking of us." "Thank you so much Amanda, that’s amazing, we have received it, with many, many thanks xxxxxxx"

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