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  • Amanda George

Thai Animal Sanctuary

Finally, kicking off our Autumn Appeal 2023, we sent a £300 grant to the Thai Animal Sanctuary This is what Gemma had to say about their Angel grant: "Amazing news!! We have been awarded a £300 grant from The Sanctuary Angels to help us with our costs! We are run solely on donations, which are never enough. Each day is a heartbreaking compromise to make the best of what we have, in order to prevent and alleviate as much suffering as possible. This money will go towards veterinary wages.

We are truly grateful. Not many people or organisations are willing to give grants for running costs. They want applications for big projects or new buildings, but none of that makes sense if you can’t afford to pay your vet or buy veterinary supplies, so thank you so much The Sanctuary Angels for helping us! Picture [above] of today's smiliest patient at the clinic after we told him the good news!! "

This kind of feedback makes our day! We love to know that, with the help of our donors, we making a difference to small rescues around the world #teamwork

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