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  • Amanda George

Stokey Cats and Dogs

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent an emergency £400 Angel Grant to Stokey Cats and Dogs to help with vet bills for this gorgeous boy, Alfie. Elzbieta, who runs SCD, said this about their grant: "This is the most amazing news and such an amazing and kind gestur, for which we at Stokey Cats and dogs are extremely grateful. I can't say thank you enough. Thank you so much for being so kind. Thank you."

UPDATE ON ALFIE: "Alfie is FIV positive but everything else is fine. The kidneys and liver readings are fine and the vet is not concerned about anything else. Alfie is dealing with a bad case of cat flu. The treatment is taking longer to work because of Alfie's compromised immune system. The vet dispensed more antibiotics for a long term course. Alfie is looking a lot better today and the appetite stimulator helped him a lot too. Alfie has been eating well since mirtazapine and he's taking his meds like a champ. Fingers crossed that he can continue the recovery and once he's fully recovered, we'll get him neutered and we'll be looking for a forever loving home for Alfie."

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