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  • Amanda George

Dean Farm Trust, Wales

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

DEAN FARM TRUST is a registered charity committed to raising awareness of sick, ill-treated and abused animals that have been subjected to factory farming or sport. In June 2013 the sanctuary saw the arrival of the first ponies and rescued hens. Dean Farm promotes cruelty-free choices; they believe in compassion, life and empowerment – all factors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free planet. By providing information on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding and cruel sports, they seek to enable cruelty-free choices and wider awareness. "What we buy and the way we live has a direct impact on human and animal welfare."

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent Dean Farm Trust £300 following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR FUNDS, SUMMER 2020. They said: "Dear Amanda, this is a fantastic amount you have raised for our charity, thank you very much. I can confirm we have received £300 in our bank account. Mary xx"

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