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  • Amanda George

Big V Sanctuary, France

BIG V SANCTUARY's vision is to create a peaceful world for all living beings, built on justice and respect, regardless of species. Miranda and her family rescue farmed animals, offering them care, love and peace at the Sanctuary. They nurse them back to health after abuse and neglect, in some cases finding foster homes where appropriate. They also offer refuge for companion animals, enabling them to recover from mistreatment, and then find safe, loving foster homes, where they can spend the rest of their lives. Big V's aim is to allow each individual to live out a long and fulfilling life within a safe environment; to treat them as we would wish to be treated, and for them to be pain-free and calm when they reach the end of their lives. They offer an environment that allows people to connect with the animals and recognise them as sentient individuals who deserve to be treated with respect. Miranda and her family invite people to spend time with them in order to realise that their animal friends are true individuals and to understand the commitment of becoming an animal guardian. They advocate animal rights within all aspects of their life and also offer people the chance to eat with them at the Sanctuary, which serves delicious, plant-based foods. They are active animal advocates that fight for animal rights in conjunction with other social justice movements.

Facebook: @bigvsanctuary

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent the Big V Sanctuary £75 in May 2020 as part of their Emergency Appeal For Animals 2020.

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