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  • Amanda George

Kingfisher Wildlife & Exotics Sanctuary, Cambridgeshire

KINGFISHER WILDLIFE & EXOTICS SANCTUARY is a wildlife and exotic animal rescue and sanctuary, run by Natalie and based in Abington, Cambridgeshire. It is home to Jasper the fox, Barry the cockerel, Pickle the hamster, Pearl the chameleon, Mr Henry Pokeypants the hedgehog, Frank the turtle, Mino and Bruno the macaws, Perdy the cockatoo, Columbo the pigeon, Claude the crow, not to mention various squirrels, owls, ex-battery hens and turkeys, to name just a few.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £425 to KW&ES from their Spring Campaign 2019, and an additional £25 at the end of their Summer Campaign 2019.

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