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  • Amanda George

Urbun Sanctuary Rabbit Rescue, Cheshire

URBUN SANCTUARY RABBIT RESCUE, in Cheshire, is a small, vegan, home-run sanctuary for unwanted, abused, unadoptable and abandoned rabbits in Cheshire. Pictured, Bethany and Bailey were locked in a 2ft hutch, piled up on others in a garage full of bunnies; rescuers could hardly breathe for the ammonia when they were getting them out. Bethany and Bailey have respiratory issues and are fearful of humans because of their start in life. Most of the bunnies at Urbun have similar stories and cannot be rehomed because of the physical and mental scars from their past, but they have a forever home at the sanctuary.

Facebook: @urbuns

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Urbun Sanctuary Rabbit Rescue this December.

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