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  • Amanda George

Hector's House Residents, Devon

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS have sent a £300 Angel grant to Hector's House Residents in Devon (Facebook: @hectorshouseresidents / Website: as part of their Winter Appeal 2021. Hector's House is committed to rescuing, neutering and rehabilitating abandoned unneutered tom cats. They work hard to help these boys learn to trust humans again. Sometimes this can take weeks. This is what they had to say about their Angel grant: "Wow! That's cheered me up immensely! We started in October 2020 and have since neutered, rehabilitated, over 400 cats and kittens, the majority of whom are strays or ferals. We NEVER allow finances to affect our decision to help a cat. This is confirmed by us taking in the Halifax cats that were locked in a chicken crate, to be used as dog bait. The 'Hoarder Boys', Dorian and Lazarus. We will (possibly naively) spend our last penny on a cat if necessary. Our vets give us a great deal and are extremely understanding of our cats' needs. The majority of our money raised goes on vet bills (and litter!). Luckily we're donated food and treats regularly. We're all volunteers and the rescue is run from my home & garden."

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