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  • Amanda George

Cambridge small animal, reptile and exotic rescue, UK

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Cambridge small animal, reptile and exotic rescue (Facebook: @rescuecambridge) as part of their Winter Appeal. They will be buying, among other things, a new cage and hutch: "We are going to be getting a large rodent cage because we have had to turn away rats several times, along with a pair of Degu, which we have felt absolutely awful having to do, but our old rodent cage just got to the point where it just wasn't fit for use anymore. And then out of the rest of we are going to try and get an outside hutch, as we had to get rid of all of ours over time; they just started falling apart and it's amazing how much damage a bunny can do when they put their minds to it they can literally rip the roofs off! So we are really delighted that we can get another outside hutch replacement because it again means we have that bit more space to be able to help more animals. We truly cannot thank you enough for your kindness, help and support. We are so hugely grateful to you for enabling us to help more animals who desperately need our help. We already have 5 ex-breeding rats on our waiting list, 4 adolescent male rats, a pair of dumbo females, a pair of hooded females and three 4-month-old boys, so as soon as we get the cage and bits we can start working our way through our waiting list, which we're absolutely delighted about and so eternally grateful to you all."

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